Most Accurate & Advanced

Commercial Leak Detection

  • complete serviceComplete Waterproofing service from testing to remedial repairs
  • voltageMore Accurate than Flooding, High Voltage or Vector Mapping
  • speedometerOnly testing method to meet ASTM D8231
  • lowcostLow cost
  • voltageFast - up to 3,715m2 per day
  • directionTest vertical services
  • warningZERO risk of damage
  • eyeDetects breaches invisible to the naked eye.
Detec Australia

Protect your property
from costly water damage

Every year, building owners, development teams, and their insurers spend hundreds of millions of dollars litigating and repairing water intrusion problems. The collateral damages include thousands of tons of wasted building materials, increases in insurance rates, non-renewal of policies, lost productivity, and injured reputations.

The vast majority of these problems are the result of water intrusions in the concealed spaces of buildings which can reduce the structural integrity of buildings by creating rot in wood, corrosion in steel and affect the health of occupants through mould etc.

Testing your building's waterproofing is easy and quick and will avoid extremely costly problems down the road. Detec Integriscan is the most accurate and cost-effective method of testing today.

Don't wait - get your waterproofing tested.

How Does Detec Australia Work?

Where can Electronic Leak Detection be used?

ELD is perfect for any building, property or application that relies on a waterproof membrane system

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Data Processing & Storage
  • Medical Facilities
  • OfficeParking Buildings
  • Tunnels / Below Grade Membranes
  • Sports Complexes
  • Education & Government
  • Buildings

Our Clients


Our Tools: IntegriScan
Membrane Integrity Testing

Detec Australia's IntegriScan™ is the most accurate electronic testing method available, being the only system available that meets ASTM D8231-19 (Standard practice for Electronic Leak Methods for detecting and locating leaks).

  • Confirms conclusively if a horizontal and vertical membrane is watertight
  • Locates breaches in conductive membranes including black EPDM
  • Locates breaches during installation so repairs can be made immediately
  • Detects breaches in confined spaces including rebar
  • Locates breaches caused by trade damage prior to the placing of overburden
  • Provides a safe, precise, cost-effective, and conclusive substitute for flood testing and vector mapping
  • Pinpoints hard to find leaks in older membranes
  • Delivers quality control through third-party verification
  • Preferred by warranty providers, contractors, and consultants testing to ASTM D8231-19, the practice standard for electronic membrane testing
Detec Systems Australia

Our Recent Projects

Detec Australia is reliably monitoring and testing all types of roofing and waterproofing assemblies

Faulkner Road Community Centre currently being built by PACT Construction required as per Architects specification provided by Bollig Architects to have the Soprema waterproof membranes fully tested by Detec Australia

Freyssinet were contracted to remove tiling, repair existing waterproof membrane on one half of the building which had been replaced 2 years earlier and install a new membrane system on the remaining half. Detec Australia was contracted to find the leaks in the first half and test the new membrane to ensure no leakage will occur.

Cooper and Oxley engaged Detec Australia to test the liquid membrane being installed on the carpark deck and terrace walkway and gardens with retail areas, changerooms etc directly below to ensure no leaks were found in the waterproof membrane.

Engaged by Snaddon Projects to complete Electronic leak detection scanning, the system was found to be watertight and tiling was able to proceed within 2 hours.

The 16000m2 carpark being relatively had issues, so the owners decided to remove the topping slab and membrane, grind and prepare the area. Detec tested at every stage ensuring any breaches were repaired.

Refurbishment with a new 2 layer Soprason 3-4 AR Torch on Membrane completed by SRG Global

Success Stories

  • Waterproofing Compliance Services Pty Ltd (Sydney), needed a membrane testing system as part of its Quality Assurance system. After reviewing the various testing systems available, we settled on the low voltage testing system, IntegriScan by Detec Australia. The IntegriScan system is easy to use and tests most membranes, both horizontal and vertical surfaces. We also found that the after sales service is great and always willing to help with any issues we come across.Ron Caruana (Director – Waterproofing Compliance Services Pty Ltd)
  • Watercoat Waterproofing have been dealing with Detec Australia now for several years now, using the IntergriScanner on all our projects as we include this service as part of our QA in the scope of work.
    The Detec IntegriScan equipment is far superior to anything else in the market, using current modern technology compared to competitors is a huge selling point to my customers, as it meets the current ASTM D8231-19 testing standard, tests horizontal and vertical where as others have limitations.
    Ease of use, setup, maintenance, and mobility are strong advantages. Having multiple locations throughout the world and a great customer support network is why I believe Detec is the leader in the market when it comes to Testing equipment.Craig Edward (Managing Director - Watercoat Waterproofing)
  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased our body corporate is with Detec’s repair and renovation of our external staircase. The stairs were in a much worse condition than we had anticipated, but Detec’s capacity to pivot and work out an affordable and robust way to repair the stairs was impressive. The stairs are now not only safe, but look terrific.
    Although it was a big job, the work was done efficiently and to a really high standard. The workers on site were friendly, considerate, and kept us all in the loop about each stage of the job.Jo

Who Is Detec Australia

Detec Australia, serving the building industry since 2003, develops and provides leading-edge technology in
the field of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) internationally.

About Us

IntegriScan’s unique technology facilitates reliable testing compared to vector mapping, archaic flood testing and spark testing (holiday testing). The IntegriScan equipment eliminates the need for a perimeter wire by limiting the testing area to directly below the Scanning Platform.

  • Test 100% of the waterproofing membrane versus other systems
  • Reliably test vertical surfaces
  • Wall junctions, perimeter details and membrane penetrations are easily tested
  • Minimal set-up time

Risk It

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Detec Systems Australia

Integriscan Membrane Integrity Scans

For new & existing construction

Forensic Testing

For locating hard to find leaks in existing structures

Permanent Monitoring

For ensuring long-term sustainability for the entire building enclosure

Detec Australia

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