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Why Companies Choose Detec Australia
Over Other Leak Detection Methods

Features Scan
High Voltage Testing
Vector Mapping
Flood Testing
Meets ASTM D8231-19 check none none none
Accuracy Very high May miss leaks if membrane thickness varies. Needs a continuous flow of water over area to be tested. check
Precise location of defects check check check
but one breach at time
100% Coverage check check none none
Time efficient check check none Read More none Read More
Tests up to 3,715 square meters per day check check none
Cost Low Low Low High costs for water & time.Can cause damage adding costs.
Potential for membrane damage None Yes Unlikely but possible High - Structural and water damage.
Test inverted assemblies check check check check
Tests convention assemblies check Read More check Read More check Read More none Read More
Detects hard to see breaches check Read More check
check none
Reliably Tests Vertical surfaces check check none none Read More
Tests in Wet conditions check none check check
Same Day repair testing check check check none
Low setup time check check
Equipment must be calibrated to membrane thickness
Perimeter wire and isolation of all objects in the perimeter required.
Tests Black EPDM check Read More none Read More none Read More none
Detects Seam Voids check none check none
Detec Australia

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Download our easy 3-page brochure to understand how the Detec IntegriScan system works, how it compares to other testing methods & how it can protect your property.

How Does It Work?

Integriscan Demo – The Integrity of your membranes deserves the most accurate testing system.

Membrane Breaches – Fast Location, Faster fix, Less damage, Less cost.

The IntegriScan is the most accurate and advanced Electronic Leak Detection testing method available

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